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Al Fares International Tents, based in the United Arab Emirates, specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of temporary and mobile structures.

Classical Tent

Most Demanded

Al Fares International Tents offers the Classical Tent which ranges from a variety of different sizes and facades. The classical tent can be used for different events which makes it high in demand. Al Fares classical tents are the best answer for the use of space for events that contain a large number of people. The unique quality that this tent has is when ordered, the delivery and installation time is extremely fast.

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Royal Tent

For The Spacious Interior

Our Royal hall is our icon. It is used for events that host a great number of people and is known for its spacious interior. With its delicate and unique structure,the Royal can be furnished with different accessories that fit all events and needs. The Royal is mostly used for exhibitions and very few companies have it worldwide.

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Dome Tent

Multiple Uses

Al Fares Intl. Tents offers the Dome Tent which ranges from a variety of sizes and facades. Our Dome tents can be used for different events depending on the request of our customers due to its qualities that include a variety of colors, different types of doors, and different materials. This tent has the ability to stand on its own with no sides required at all. The best uses for this tent is product placement, entry space, or on its own.

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Majlis Tent

Traditional Tent

Al Majlis tent is inspired by the traditional icon of GCC countries. This particular tent has the ability to join its modern and advance components with its' traditional and cultural characteristics. The uses of this tent can be as an extention area for a private house or for different gatherings. Al Fares Intl. Tents offers more than just a tent, it offers an experience. The Majlis tent is fully customized and talored from beginning to end to match the customer’s taste and requirements.

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Majestic Tent

For The Biggest Events

The Majestic is one of our signature tents as it is used to assist with massive events. Al Fares International Tents offers The Majestic with a variety of accessories that can be changed to match different needs. The sides of the tent can be partially or fully changed from our selection of side wall options. This tent reaches a free span of 55m with no middle columns. The majestic tent can be used for many events such as celebrations, weddings and warehouses due to its size and unique shape.

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