Arch Tent

Arch Tent

Arch Style Roof

ARCH Tent is the new design added to our tent’s category. It is unique in shape and is best suitable for hosting mega events. Arch tents are  available with unique  interiors and variety of accessories for your events. The sides of the tent can be partially or fully changed from our selection of  various side wall options. 

Tent Specification

Available Sizes

Span (L2): 10.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 10.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 5.00 m
Total Height (H3): 8.10 m

Span (L2): 11.00 m
Overall Width (L3): 11.40 m
Gable Bay (L1): 5.50 m
Total Height (H3): 8.40 m

Side Wall Types

Accessories for Tent


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