Royal Hall

For The Spacious Interior

Our Royal hall is our icon. It is used for events that host a great number of people and is known for its spacious interior. With its delicate and unique structure,the Royal can be furnished with different accessories that fit all events and needs. The Royal is mostly used for exhibitions and very few companies have it worldwide.

The structure of The Royal is made of reinforced aluminum designed to handle difficult weather conditions. The structure is known to be exclusive and our team fixes the structure to the ground to a base made of high quality steel that is held in place with steel rods.

5m x 5m units combined together to create one element that has flexibility to change according to the preferred size. Segmental roof is adjustable to span of the building.

Available Sizes

Royal tent
Clear-Span Width: 10 - 70 m
Side Height: 7 - 9 m
Middle Height: 9 - 11 m
Maximum length: no limit

Side Wall Types


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